The XVI Innovalia Convention will culminate with the official presentation of Innovalia Digital, the Group’s new commitment to lead the digital transformation

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The Innovalia Group, a strategic alliance of 6 technology-based companies, will hold its sixteenth edition of its traditional Convention in the Barco Building (101) of the Bizkaia Technology Park in Zamudio on Friday, July 6th.
To open this XVI edition, the assistants will enjoy a special welcome from Jesus de la Maza, president of the Innovalia Group, that will lead to the rest of the interventions from the CEO’s of SQS, CBT, Redborder, CARSA, 3DKumo, Innovalia Metrology and Technarte. During the convention, Innovalia will have a guest of honor, Manuel Salaverria, president of Innobasque who will share the Innovation keys and future challenges in the Basque Country.
Following the contribution of Manuel Salaverria and aligned with all the future needs of the Industry, The Innovalia Group will present a new and important business unit of the Group: Digital Innovalia.
Thanks to the digital essence of the Innovalia Group and the companies that are part of it, we are seeing come to live Digital Innovalia as one solid unit formed by SQS, CBT, Redborder, CARSA and Technarte. Digital Innovalia will maximize and use all the know-how and experience from these companies, digital leader on their fields, to lead other companies to the digital transformation.
Starting from the design of its digital strategy, following with the implementation of technology, Innovalia Digital, thanks to the Group’s extensive experience, will begin to have an active presence in the Basque Industry in the upcoming months.
The Innovalia Group, will gather on this day the main actors and representatives of the Basque Country and national industry to make them participate in the Digital Innovalia presentation. The aim of this Convention I to create a space where the main businessmen and organizations can discuss, share and build together.


Innovalia Metrology experiences a great welcome at the BIEMH 2018 thanks to its M3 Technology

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Innovalia Metrology, Metrological unit of the Innovalia Group, presented their latest metrological solutions at the BIEMH 2018 in Bilbao. During these 5 days of innovation and networking, at the stand A33, hall 1, Innovalia Metrology received numerous visits of interest that have turned the BIEMH 2018 into a clear success for the Basque company.
Innovalia Metrology presented not only its hardware solutions such as coordinate measuring machines, but the company also created an environment in which M3, its measurement software, became the main character of the stand.
With different environments within the stand, the Basque company created different measurement environments in which attendees discovered: Tetracheck, the most efficient verification software that allows us to verify our MMC in just 10 minutes; M3MH, the measurement software for machine tool that allows direct connection from the PC to the machine tool CNC; M3 Hybrid, the most complete measurement software for CMM that has simplified the process of reading and measuring pieces by combining two methods of capturing points (optical sensor thanks to Optiscan and touch probe) with M3 Software.
In addition, Innovalia Metrology presented M3 Analytics, a new Software for the statistical analysis of metrological information presented in personalized reports to know at all times the state of the production. M3 Analytics analyzes and improves the production capabilities based on the measurements of the parts, providing a great benefit for the user since it optimizes production in a simple and complete way.
Each of the metrological solutions of Innovalia Metrology became the focus point in several moments of the fair and the numerous interesting visits and all the media attention confirms once again, that the metrology has become a clear driver towards intelligent manufacturing in Europe.


Participate in our survey!

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QA&TEST, together with the European R&D Project Autoware, is working on a study to assess the current state of digital transformation in the industry.

AUTOWARE’s purpose is establishing and pushing forward an open CPPS ecosystem, allowing SMEs to access all the different components in order to develop digital automation cognitive solutions for their manufacturing processes.

QA&TEST is the international Conference on Software Testing and QA for embedded systems held in Bilbao and organized by SQS (Software Quality Systems). This year QA&TEST will celebrate its 17th edition.

The objective of this survey is to offer a look at digital transformation and innovation in the industry: Identify which are the areas of the company in which the digital transformation has a greater impact, which are the challenges that must be faced, the main facilitator technologies and the key certifications.

Your contribution will be really valuable so we encourage you to participate in the SURVEY, it won’t take you more than ten minutes.

Thanks a lot for your participation!


Advanced testing training may

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While QA&TEST Technical Committee evaluates the papers received to prepare the Program of the 17th edition of the Conference, the SQS training team does not rest.

In the coming month of May, we will be training about “Advanced Testing” in Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona, this course is aimed at people who want to expand their knowledge to get to lead a testing department.

In the next month of May, SQS will teach the SQS08 course that has programmed in Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona on Advanced Testing, aimed at people who want to expand their knowledge to get to lead a testing department.

During the four days of the course, attendees will learn how to design, estimate, plan and select test strategies and coordinate the team in charge. They will learn to identify the risks and the best ways to mitigate them, and guidelines will be given to select the best testing tools and the requirements to implement them.

In the course planned for May 8, 9, 10 and 11 in Madrid there are still places available. Do not hesitate and sign up!

All the information related to the SQS courses is available on the website: Registrations can be made by phone (94480 46 17) or by email:


Innovalia Metrology will exhibit the most innovative metrological solutions at the Control

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Innovalia Metrology invites you to visit their stand 5120 at the 32nd edition of the Control Exhibition in Stuttgart to take a step towards Intelligent Metrology solutions thanks to M3. Thanks to the M3 technology, Innovalia Metrology has developed a family of Metrology solutions, which, within the M3 family, they are offering a wide range of possibilities responding to all the measurement needs at any stage of the process.
The assistants will be able to witness a new method of quality management more advanced and with a technological projection that allows us to speak about digitalization in all the industrial processes. M3MH is shortening the manufacturing times by introducing a complete metrological software in machine tools.
Apart from allowing a complete inspection of the part inside the machine tool, it allows the user to do the verification and the set up from an intuitive graphic interface. The M3MH integration in the production processes leads us to talk about intelligent manufacturing, zero defects and to control at all times the quality of any type of part.
Innovalia Metrology will also bring the M3 Hybrid solution to their stand 5120. M3 hybrid is one of the metrology solutions that is contributing to discover the importance of metrology on the path towards Intelligent Manufacturing. M3 Hydrid simplifies the acquisition of points process and measurement by combining two capture methods: non-contact 3D scanner thanks to Optiscan and a touch probe, both of them can work in the same flow!
Directly connected with M3 Hybrid and M3MH, Innovalia Metrology will present M3 Analytics, one of the latest solutions that aims to improve the production process. M3 Analytics helps to analyze and optimize the production capabilities based on the measurements of the parts in a easy and still complete way. Wouldn’t you like to analyze and improve your production based on the quality data of your parts?
The role of Innovalia Metrology as a quality and innovation driver is extending to more countries every year and we can see a promising future for the brand. Take this opportunity at the 32nd edition of the Control Fair and enjoy the M3 experience!


Metromeet ends after 3 days of Conference where the main representatives of the Industry shared their knowledge and technology

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Innovalia, thanks to this 14th edition of the International Conference on Industrial Metrology, Metromeet, managed to gather the main companies executives with greater international projection such as General Electric, Innovalia, Creaform, Autodesk, QISAB, Capvidia, Tekniker, Novo Nordisk and Carlsberg, also responsibles from the most important institutions where there, such as the PTB, the University of Nottigham and Antwerp, the Technische Universität München and the legal organization of Metrology of India.

Sponsored by Innovalia Metrology, Renishaw, Faro, Zeiss and Creaform this 14th edition of Metromeet has had an innovative content of great interest and has allowed to discover and discuss the importance of metrology on the way to Industry 4.0. The inauguration of the Conference took place in one of the main rooms of the Euskalduna Palace, where Maurizio Ercole and Jesús de la Maza, president of the Innovalia Group, shared the Metromeet guidelines and the objectives of the meeting. Toni Ventura, CEO of Datapixel, opened the conference with a charismatic tutorial in which he dazzled the way to the zero defect manufacturing thanks to Metrology and ended his speech with “Metromeet allows people from different countries, companies and ages , let us look united towards the future of Metrology ”

The 14th edition of Metromeet has also been highlighted by new content that has generated a lot of interest and expectation. Ainhoa Etxabarri presented the second day of Metromeet with “Metrology and Machining” a where she presented M3MH, a unique measurement software that allows direct connection with the CNC and is introducing a new way of measuring, producing and optimizing industrial processes.

After discussing topics as attractive as hybrid measurement, QIF, software solutions for 3D printing and Industry 4.0, Metromeet ended the first two days of the Conference through a round table led by Toni Ventura, CEO of Datapixel, Jesus de la Maza, president of the Innovalia Group, Maurizio Ercole, father of the MMC and Jean-Claude Morel, CEO of Missler Software.

Metromeet has achieved with these two days of Conference, to draw conclusions about the main needs of the sector and discuss the future of metrology with professionals with different perceptions and different experiences. Through Metromeet, Innovalia continues to demonstrate its commitment to technological development.


Innovalia leads the construction of the European Industrial Data Space to improve the competitiveness of the European Automotive Industry

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The kick-off event for Boost4.0 will take place on January 30th in the Automotive Intelligence Centre (AIC) in Boroa. Boost4.0 is the largest European initiative in Big Data for Industry 4.0. Boost 4.0, has a budget of 20M euros, a private investment of 100M euros and a 50 companies consortium from 16 countries, all of them coordinated by Innovalia Group. This initiative will lead the construction of the European Industrial Data Space to improve the competitiveness of the European Automotive Industry and will guide the manufacturing industry in the introduction of Big Data in the factory, providing with the necessary tools to obtain the maximum benefit of the Big Data industrial value.
Thanks to this kick-off event, the main representatives of the European Commission and the Industry Spanish Ministry will present the international and state policies regarding Big Data, Digital Manufacturing Platforms and Industry 4.0. Thanks to the ACICAE support, the main representatives of the automotive sector and also part of the Boost 4.0 initiative, such as Gestamp, FIAT, or Volkswagen, will talk about the evolution of the Automotive field towards digitalization, helped with examples, success stories and real applicability in factories. The event will also have a very special closure by the Basque Economic Development Counselor, Arantza Tapia.
The Boost 4.0 initiative will establish a group of smart and connected factories in Europe that will serve as a guide for the European industry. Apart from making possible the collaboration between the largest European industrial companies, Boost 4.0 has a €20M funding and will last 36 months. This initiative will try to accelerate the adoption of Big Data and advanced analysis solutions in the European Automotive Industry thanks to global standards, open APIs, secure digital infrastructures, trusted Big Data Middleware and digital manufacturing platforms.
Boost 4.0 is led by the Basque industry and will have a great impact on the automotive industry and in the capital goods, these are strategic sectors in the Basque economy and pillars of the Basque Industry 4.0 strategy. With this initiative, and being driven from the Basque Country, Boost 4.0 will bring very significant improvements with productivity increases close to a 20% and reductions of 50% in unexpected maintenance operations.