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Advanced testing training may

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While QA&TEST Technical Committee evaluates the papers received to prepare the Program of the 17th edition of the Conference, the SQS training team does not rest.

In the coming month of May, we will be training about “Advanced Testing” in Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona, this course is aimed at people who want to expand their knowledge to get to lead a testing department.

In the next month of May, SQS will teach the SQS08 course that has programmed in Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona on Advanced Testing, aimed at people who want to expand their knowledge to get to lead a testing department.

During the four days of the course, attendees will learn how to design, estimate, plan and select test strategies and coordinate the team in charge. They will learn to identify the risks and the best ways to mitigate them, and guidelines will be given to select the best testing tools and the requirements to implement them.

In the course planned for May 8, 9, 10 and 11 in Madrid there are still places available. Do not hesitate and sign up!

All the information related to the SQS courses is available on the website: Registrations can be made by phone (94480 46 17) or by email:


Innovalia Metrology will exhibit the most innovative metrological solutions at the Control

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Innovalia Metrology invites you to visit their stand 5120 at the 32nd edition of the Control Exhibition in Stuttgart to take a step towards Intelligent Metrology solutions thanks to M3. Thanks to the M3 technology, Innovalia Metrology has developed a family of Metrology solutions, which, within the M3 family, they are offering a wide range of possibilities responding to all the measurement needs at any stage of the process.
The assistants will be able to witness a new method of quality management more advanced and with a technological projection that allows us to speak about digitalization in all the industrial processes. M3MH is shortening the manufacturing times by introducing a complete metrological software in machine tools.
Apart from allowing a complete inspection of the part inside the machine tool, it allows the user to do the verification and the set up from an intuitive graphic interface. The M3MH integration in the production processes leads us to talk about intelligent manufacturing, zero defects and to control at all times the quality of any type of part.
Innovalia Metrology will also bring the M3 Hybrid solution to their stand 5120. M3 hybrid is one of the metrology solutions that is contributing to discover the importance of metrology on the path towards Intelligent Manufacturing. M3 Hydrid simplifies the acquisition of points process and measurement by combining two capture methods: non-contact 3D scanner thanks to Optiscan and a touch probe, both of them can work in the same flow!
Directly connected with M3 Hybrid and M3MH, Innovalia Metrology will present M3 Analytics, one of the latest solutions that aims to improve the production process. M3 Analytics helps to analyze and optimize the production capabilities based on the measurements of the parts in a easy and still complete way. Wouldn’t you like to analyze and improve your production based on the quality data of your parts?
The role of Innovalia Metrology as a quality and innovation driver is extending to more countries every year and we can see a promising future for the brand. Take this opportunity at the 32nd edition of the Control Fair and enjoy the M3 experience!